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Ms Hollywood Pageant July 8 2012

1st Runner up

1st Category : SWIM WEAR OUTFIT: Bikini Theme James Bond Girl

 Good evening ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Classic With Style’s pageant, “Hollywood”!  Tonight, Janet Brink would like to share with you her styling and talent for this wonderful pageant.
      This first styling event is a James Bond bikini girl theme, and what a lovely swim wear she is wearing, custom made for her by Ayiki Takakura called << Caterina >>, a beautiful copy of the La Perla swim wear that Caterina Murino wore in the movie Casino Royale.  The stylistic mint colored bikini was seen as she was riding her horse on the beach while James was watching her from the ocean.  The bikini is so beautiful with it's unique color and styling, the bottom with a faux belt look, and the halter top with the clasp in the front with the same belt look and lovely styling on the cups, all beautifully shadowed to give a 3D effect.  The matching sarong is knotted to the side, which solves the problem of wearing it and still showing off the lovely bottom.
       A lovely necklace in green unfinished stones by Zaara linked with gold links, and beautiful bangles by Inoiu in green and gold complement the beach look.  Wedges by N-core in menthe tied at the ankles make a beautiful looking shoe for the boardwalk, and easy to slip off for the beach.  Janet was looking for hair similar to the style of Caterina, and found it with Amacci << Ann >> in Ebony, which is a very nice shade of dark brown.  Janet completes her look with makeup, adding layers until she had a soft beach look.
      Oh Janet's horse << White Western >> by White Oak Equines has just arrived, just in time so that she can take her ride down the beach............she waves as she leaves us.
Swim Outfit:   
Swim wear: Ayiki Takakura - Caterina
Hair: Amacci Hair - Anna - Ebony
Jewelry:  Zaara - ZC : Swarit necklace - Gold Shell
              Inoiu - Diu Bangles -green
Shoes: N-Core - Etolie - Menthe
Skin: Lara Hurley - Kae
Makeup: Madrid Solo/Izzie's/Blackliquid
Shape:  Custom Model Swim Shape by Ziva Brink
Horse: White Oak Equines - White Western
2nd Category : INDIVIDUAL TALENT: "Be a Famous Movie Star" Theme
Janet 's love of music and entertainment made her pick one of the famous all time movie dance team, Fred Astaire and  Ginger Rodger, she will be the lovely and talented Ginger Rodgers and her alt Crissy Boyle will be one of the best dancers of all time Fred Astaire.  Her music is "Cheek to Cheek" by Irving Berlin, from the movie Top Hat (1935).
   The dress that Ginger wore in the movie was a very famous one with feathers at the top and bottom and of course it was in the style of the times, Janet was able to make something similar using two gowns from the vintage designer Donna Flora << Cherie >> and using the bottom fringe from one dress, adding it to her top.  The straps are lovely in a faux diamonds look, continuing with the same design over the bust and across the back.  As with the dress in the movie, the stunning part is all the 'dancing' fringes that move and sway with you, all in a lovely champagne color
    She is wearing lovely heels by N-core in pearl, her pearl jewelry is a beautiful necklace by Alienbear with matching pearl drop earrings, and stunning bracelet in pearls and diamonds, all in silver.  Janet cried when she tried on the hair by EMO-tions, she looked so much like Ginger she could not believe she had done it.  Janet finished with soft pink makeup, and is ready to dance the evening away with her partner.........hmmm and where is her partner, late as always!!
Talent Outfit:
Dress: Donna Flora - Cherie
Skin: Lara Hurly Katya
Makeup: Madrid Solo/Mock/Glamorize
Hair: EMO-tion - Elaine - blonde
Jewelry: Alienbear - Kitty Cryus - white pearls
            Virtual Impressions - Bracelet - Gina
Shoes: N-core - Soul - Pearl
  And here goes Fred Astaire all decked out in his white tie and tails he so often wore in the movie parts he had.  Crissy is wearing a tux with tails by SF Design << June Tux>>, her shoes are by Pixelfashion << Oxford Shoes >> in black, her hair is a dark brown hair base by Tuty's, and her tall thin shape is by Ziva Brinks.  Please watch as they do their dance to "Cheek to Cheek".....and here they go!
 Music: Cheek to Cheek
3rd Category : CREATIVE OUTFIT: "Be like Audrey Hepburn" Theme
   Janet will take you back to Russia in 1812, as she plays Natasha from a 1965 movie called "War and Peace", starring Audrey Hepburn and Henry Fonda.  Janet has recreated the look from that movie with this breath taking gown by The White Armory << Whispered Silence >>,  she is amazed by the artistic flair of this highly detailed gown.  A lovely shoulder board popular at the time with ties at the bodice, lace sleeves are added with ties to hold them up, finished with hanging lace, and open hand gloves.  The bodice is a  highly detailed corset with modesty cups covered in silk, there is a lovely leaf pattern running through the corset, flaring to a wide waist with ties in the front.  A triple layered skirt with a baroque pattern all in white on white, this lovely gown is made for a princess.
    A beautiful updo << Adore >> by Son!a complements the elegant style of the gown and the formal look of this beautiful creation added to this is a exquisite tiara in diamonds also by Son!a.  Vintage ankle boots by V style with a lovely lace pattern are the perfect style for this era with tie fronts.  One could not ask for more lovely jewelry to complete this stunning ensemble, than << Jana >> by Son!a, a beautiful diamond necklace, with several richly detailed pearls.   Scarlet lips and eyeshadow with a touch of blush complete her makeup.
Creative Outfit:
Gown: The White Armory - Whispered Silence
Hair: Son!a - Adore updo - Umber
        Son!a - Kim Tiara - Gold & Diamonds           
Makeup: Madrid Solo/Izzie's/Madrid Solo
Jewelry: Son!a - Jana
Shoes: V Style - SKla V.2 - Vintage White
Skin: Lara Hurley - Kae
Shape:  Audrey Hepburn Shape by Ziva Brink
Thank you everyone that came out tonight,  hope you have enjoyed the lovely story Janet has portray with costumes, styling, and talent.  She hopes you were as thrilled as she has been preparing this for you, thank you to the lovely judges tonight, also to Anrol, Steve, and the Classic With Style Staff for this place to express our styling and creative expressions.  Best wishes and luck to all...............Ciao

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Ms Hot Beach Pageant 6/3/2012

1st Category : SWIM WEAR OUTFIT: Bikini Theme Thong
First Runner Up
  Good evening ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Classic With Style’s “Hot Beach”!  Tonight, Janet Brink would like to share with you her styling and talent for this wonderful pageant.
      This first styling event is a thong theme, and what a lovely swim wear in a thong design by Delish called << Pink Zebra >>, a two string design halter top with a lovely texture on the cups, and piping around to give that finished look.  The bottoms are a small vee in front, and a cute thong in the back, again the two strings design.  Janet says the silver and pink was great to style with wings by Gwen Carillon Designs << Blush Wings >>, and she copied and edited them to make a lovely hairpiece for the fabulous hair from Vanity << Neox HP >> in Platinum.
       Jewelry was by Virtual Impressions in silver and pink << Darcy Butterfly >> which is very cute, with out taking away from the lovely look she wanted, and Janet finished with a bangle << Boho Bangles>> in lacquered Pink and Silver, again carrying the pink and silver and what a perfect match this was.  Shoes by N-Core << Soul>> in silver, really gives you that professional model look.  Makeup is the finishing touch with a rich pink from Madrid Solo matching the eyeshadow that says "Look at Me", finished with a butterfly tattoo next to the right eye by Ela designs.  Ohhhhhhhh.....did you check out my new butterfly tattoo on my back over my thong?
Swim Outfit:   
Swim wear: Delish - Two String Bikini - Pink Zebra
Hair: Vanity Hair:Neox HP-Platinum
Wings: Gwen Carillon Designs - Blush Wings
Jewelry:  Virtual Impressions - Darcy Butterfly- Pink Abalone
              Maxi Gossamer - Boho Bangles - lacquered Pink and Silver
Shoes: N-Core - Xtreme Heel - Silver
Skin: Belleza -Erika - Pale
Makeup: Madrid Solo/Ela Designs
Shape:  Custom Model Swim Shape by Ziva Brink

2nd Category : INDIVIDUAL TALENT: "Exotic Dancer" Theme

  Exotic Dancer can have a whole range from full nude to a full costume with everything in between.  But at "Janet's Place", she have a sophisticate group of girls that wear gorgeous outfits , with our very own Dancing Janet as the owner and head dancer......oh you are in luck, it is her turn to come to the stage.........and her she is!
    Tonight Janet is wear a lovely outfit by Son!a << Hypnotize >> in a wonderful shade of gold with incredible detail.  The top is a strapless underwire bra with fine lace detail over the bust, followed by lovely piping. and fine stitching across the bust, finished with a jewel at the cleavage.  Detailed faux jewel work is under the cups and looping in the back gives this an exotic look of an arabian dancer.  The top is completed by jewels that hang from the bra and backlite for a stunning look.  The bikini is also finished with the same intricate faux jewels pattern around the waist finished with hanging silks in the back, and hanging silks it the front with again the lovely jewel work that is backlite.  The costume is finished with arm wraps with the same lovely detailed pattern at the elbows.
     Janet is showing a windswept hair look by Truth Hair << Kaelyn >> in blonde with gold streaks.  A small necklace in gold and diamonds by Virtual Impressions << Agatha >> also with a wonderful detailed design that complements the look.  She has picked 'killer' platform heels in gold by N-core << Emporium, opened toed, stunning shoes for a dancer.
Talent Outfit:
Costume: Son!a - Hypnotize - Gold
Skin: Belleza- Erika
Makeup: Madrid Solo/Mock/Glamorize
Hair: Truth - Kaelyn - Blonde
Jewelry: Virtual Impressions - Agatha - Gold&Diamonds
Shoes: N-core - Emporium - Gold

Music: David Essex - Rock On - Shep pettibone ReMix   
3rd Category : CREATIVE OUTFIT: " Hawaiian Gown" Theme

  Son!a again for this lovely Hawaiian gown which started as << Miss Costa Rica >> in green, and redone in a Hawaiian look by changing the headpiece and adding lei and wrist flowers. The bra top with colorful textures is so lovely with a flower on one side and small leaves.  the other cup has a wonderful mosaic pattern of brown and blue.  The beautiful skirt has detailed stones around the waist, followed with ornate feathers on a short skirt with several long blades of grass hanging in the front.  An intricate half skirt of green satin is added with a rich detailed pattern design of silver in many layers.  What a lovely dress to wear while doing a hula dance.
   The beautiful hair by Truth << Brandi >> has a loose pull back look, with her long hair knotted into a wide pony.  The beautiful traditional flowered headpiece is by TikiTattoo << Flower Lei>> with matching wrist flowers in yellow, white and green.  And what would be a Hawaiian costume without a flower lei of plumeria flowers by !N Romano, lovely in yellow, white and dark pink.  Shoes by N-core << Aura >> in Menthe to match the stunning green costume.  Makeup by Madrid Solo gives her that finished look.
Creative Outfit:
Hawaiian Gown: Son!a - Miss Costa Rica - Green
Hair: Truth - Brandi- Latte
Makeup: Madrid Solo
Flowers:  TikiTattoo - Flower Lei set
Necklace: !N Romano - Plumeria Lei
Shoes: N-core - AURA - Menthe
Skin: Belleza - Erika - Pale
Shape:  Custom Model Shape by Ziva Brink
Thank you everyone that came out tonight,  hope you have enjoyed the lovely story Janet has portray with costumes, styling, and talent.  She hopes you were as thrilled as she has been preparing this for you, thank you to the lovely judges tonight, also to Anrol, Steve, and the Classic With Style Staff for this place to express our styling and creative expressions.  Best wishes and luck to all...............Ciao

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CWS Top Model Pageant 4-29-2012

Janet Brink Winner!

1st Category : SWIM WEAR OUTFIT: Style 1960's

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Classic With Style’s “Top Model”!  Tonight, Janet Brink would like to share with you her styling and talent for this wonderful pageant.
       This first is styling 1960's swim wear, people always get the 50's, 60's and 70's mixed up, so I decided that this was the perfect swim wear, as it could be dated and verified. This is a SL copy of a bikini that actress Ursula Andress wore in the James Bond movie, Dr. No, in 1962.  Andress became famous as Honey Ryder, a shell diver and James Bond's object of desire in the first Bond movie, in the well-known scene, she rises out of the Caribbean Sea in a white bikini.
        This lovely bikini is by SF design called << Ursula >>, the detail is wonderful, a lovely top that hooks in the back, with thin shoulder straps, wonderful details on the cups and front, with lovely edging details. The bikini bottom has the same detailed edging with a prim half belt that has exquisite detail.  The outfit is finished with a divers knife with a wooden handle, similar to the one she was wearing in the beach scene.
         Janet styled her outfit similar to a promol photo she had found of Ursula, the 1960's hair style is very similar and color to the style that Ursula was wearing, called  << Miss Sixty >> by Vanity Hair in Teen Blonde  Shoes in pearl called << Xtreme Heel >> by N-Core are always a mainstay for that lovely high heel look.  Ursula was holding conch shells in the movie, so Janet decide that jewelry made of sea shells would be perfect to add to her styling.  Very pretty hoop earrings in a turquoise color with matching bracelets and necklace with sea shells called << Puka-Abalone >> by NOD complete this swimwear beach look.

Swim Outfit:   
Swim wear: SF design - Ursula bikini
Hair: Vanity Hair - Miss Sixty-Teen Blonde
Jewelry:  NOD - Puka-Abalone 
Shoes: N-Core - Xtreme Heel - Pearl
Skin: Belleza -Erika - Pale
Makeup: Mock & Madrid Solo
Shape:  Custom Model Swim Shape by Ziva Brink

2nd Category : INDIVIDUAL TALENT: "Yellow Color" Theme
 The British Invasion had a profound impact on the shape of popular music. It helped internationalize the production of rock and roll, establishing the British popular music industry as a viable center of musical creativity, and opened the door for subsequent British and Irish performers to achieve international success. In America the Invasion arguably spelled the end of such scenes as instrumental surf music, vocal girl groups and for a time. the teen idols that had dominated the American charts in the late 1950s and early 60s. My talent is a representation of the British Invasion with the color yellow, with scenes, outfits, music, and dance.
     First song that comes into mind is the wonderful British group "The Beatles" with their famous 'yellow' song, "Yellow Submarine".  This song came out in 1966, the British invasion was going strong, as was the 'GoGo' scene with it's unique clothes. Janet is dressed and dances in the style of the day, please watch as she entertains you.
     The style of the era was short skirts and high neck dresses, this was very popular in clubs and dances.  Janet is wearing a lovely yellow dress by Artilleri called << Nadine >> with a sleeveless high neck top and a lovely detailed skirt with several layers of crinoline.  A white belt was very popluar at the time and completes this classic dress.
     A marvelous 60's hairdo << Alide vintage >> by Sonatta Morales complements the dress, as does the lovely necklace << Sunny >> by Donna Flora, well noted for her period jewelry. It has such wonderful detailed white stones in several lovely shapes and of course 'flower power', with it's two lovely flowers. The boots were a neccessary part of the style, a girl always need white latex boots to go clubbing, and Bax's << Prestige Boots >> are just perfect.  Her dance is a nice mix of gogo style dance.
Talent Outfit:
1960's Dress: Artilleri - Nadine - yellow
Props: Pipa Novelli.- Yellow Submarine
Hair: Sonatta Morales - Alide vintage - hot gold
Jewelry:  Donna Flora - Sunny - necklace
Shoes: BAX Prestige Boots - White Latex
Music: Yellow Submarine......Beatles
Music: Yellow Submarine......Beatles
     Donovan, a contributer to the last lines of "Yellow Submarine",  later in the same year came out with a wonderful song "Mellow Yellow".  The record had a "Beatlesque" feel to it, and is sometimes mistaken for a Beatles song.  Donovan, in fact, was friends with the Beatles, Paul McCartney can be heard as one of the background revelers on this track.
     Janet is wearing a lovely gown that might be worn to a wedding in the 60's, and perfect for partying and dancing at the reception.  This was the era when ladies would be dressed like this to go to church or to a concert, Janet feels it is such a shame that jeans is the norm to wear for most occasions now.  This beautiful gown is by Ivalde called << Desiree >> in gold with just wonderful detail, short sleeved and high neckline, seams at the bust and waist, and gathering in the low Vee back, you have to love this kind of detail in a gown.  The gown is form fitting to show her lovely model shape and flares out at the knees with transparent tulle, to show off your lower legs and shoes.
     A marvelous 60's hairdo << Alinda >> by Sonatta Morales complements the dress with large high curls in the front and a tight pleasing bun in the back.  The lovely necklace << Willa>> by Donna Flora, does so much for the plain neckline, framing your face in such a lovely way, the same matching earrings make this set perfect for this 60's look. Traditional high heels in gold by Diana Debevec complete the ensemble.  Her dance is more of a psychedelic, as the song was about getting high from smoking dried banana skins.
Talent Outfit:
1960's Gown: ~Ivalde~ Desiree - gold
Makeup: Mock
Hair: Sonatta Morales - Alinda - mellow gold
Jewelry:  Donna Flora - Willa
Shoes: Diana Debevec - Cloud Select - Gold 
Music: Mellow Yellow......Donovan
   Her final yellow themed song is one of George Harrison's best-known Beatles contributions, taking a day off from his busy schedule, he went to visit Eric Clapton. The relief of not having to go see all those dopey accountants was wonderful, and he walked around the garden with one of Eric's acoustic guitars and wrote "Here Comes the Sun"
    Janet has decided to go with flash with this final song, with a wonderful exotic showgirl costume by Lillou Merlin.  She is all in yellow and gold and as bright as the sun, she is "Here comes the Sun" in this lovely costume, the goddess of yellow, sparkling and glowing.  First there is a see through body covering with a small yellow design connected by braches, over this is glowing frills at the chest and upper arms.  The lovely simmering yellow collar and head piece are so stunning.  Janet incorporated her hair << Neox >> by Vanity in platinium into this wonderful headpiece by Lillou, emphasizing the twisting and turning of the simmering lights.  A glowing skirt, swirls and dancies with you with every step, and the costume is finished with feathered wings in yellow with golden edging, finished with tips of the same simmering frills and small glowing globes. You have to take your time to take in all the lovely detalis of the beautiful costume.
   Lovely face tattoos are included to add to the showgirl look, Janet has added earrings by Virtual Espressions << Majestic >> in Gold with Yellow & White Diamonds.  She picked these because they had the appearance of sun rays surrounding the central diamond at each ear.  Stunning shoes by N-Core << Poison >> in champagne, are lovely golden leathers with front ties, again going with the showgirl look.
Talent Outfit:
Showgirl costume: Lillou Merlin - Illumination
Hair: Vanity Hair:Neox HP-Platinium
Jewelry:  Virtual Espressions - Majestic - Gold Yellow & White Diamonds
Shoes: N-Core - Poison - Champagne
Music: Here Comes the Sun........Beatles   

3rd Category : CREATIVE OUTFIT: " Theme" Formal Gown about 1920 Vintage. 

 I just love the looks of the 20's, and it was so hard to find the perfect gown.  I had 3 gowns and had narrowed it down to one, when a friends asked me if I had been to Sonatta Morales....hmmmm a new store to me, and they specialized in vintage clothing.
        Sonatta Morales has designed a totally amazing gown << Holyrood >> perfect for a 1920's formal gown, sleek and elegant, all in black, Janet will be the queen of the ball in this fashionable gown, perfect in the 20's and perfect today.  I am amazed and overwhelmed by the artistic flair of this work of art, a breathtaking design. The bodice is a daring deep vee with intricate rhinestone design edging the open front, and is matched by the vee back with the same beautiful edging.   Lovely rhinestones circles under the bust, and around the back, finish with a dark 'V' patern accenting your bust and waist. The wide feathering sleeves accent your neckline and give an elegant look to this awesome gown.  Sleek and form fitting with a small skirt from the thighs, flowing as you walk and pose. Janet can not say enough about this lovely gown, and several of the closeups she has taken are the very best of her pictures.
      A wonderful updo in the 20's look called << Aliona >> by Sonatta Morales in jet complements the elegant style of the gown and the formal look of this exotic creation. Shoes in black called << Classic pumps >> by Blaze nice heels to go with this beautiful gown.  One could not ask for more lovely jewelry to complete this stunning ensemble, than << Charotte >> by Virtual Impressions, lovely antique pearls with diamonds in an old fashioning looking style, just perfect for this 1920's look.
Creative Outfit:
1920 Vintage Gown: Sonatta Morales - Holyrood
Hair: Sonatta Morales - Aliona hair - jet
Jewelry:  Virtual Impressions - Charotte - Antique Pearls and Diamonds
Shoes: Blaze - Classic pumps - Black
Skin: Belleza - Chloe - Pale
Shape:  Custom Model Shape by Zivawood


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CWS Princess Pageant 3-11-2012

Janet Brink Winner!

                                                1st Category : SWIM WEAR OUTFIT

 Good evening ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Classic With Style’s “Princess Pageant”!  Tonight, Janet Brink would like to share with you the wonderful story of The Swan Princess..  She will unwind the story in words, style, and talent, as she portrays Princess Odette.
        The story begins with an aging king  who has a daughter named Odette. She is destined to marry Prince Derek, and after many summers together, they finally fall in love. However, during a royal ball, Derek expresses his wish to marry her for just her looks, which upsets Odette into rejecting him. She leaves the next day with her father, but en route, they are attacked by Rothbart, an evil sorcerer who desires William's kingdom for himself. He kidnaps Odette and fatally injures William, leaving Derek, leaving Derek determined to find Odette.
        Rothbart has taken Odette to his castle lair at Swan Lake and casts a spell on her that makes her turn into a swan during the day and a human again during the night. The spell can only be broken by a vow of everlasting love. He asks her to marry him every night, but she always refuses.
       It is day time now on the lake and now Odette ( Janet ) is a beautiful swan.  Her swim wear is a lovely bikini in white by E-One, just wonderful detail using shadowing, wrinkle look, and back ties.  This is a stunning yet simple top covering the bust, and tied in the back and the nape of the neck, and a small string bottom, makes this a very sexy bikini.  It is styled as a swan with a wonderful, elaborate back piece, skirt and hair piece made by Didier Rascon, House of Europe, called << Swan >>.  The beautifully detailed back feathers of 46 individual feathers, and the skirt with 135, is truly amazing, a true piece of art, and so wonderful to wear.  The hair piece with it's feathers  finishes the total 'Perfect' look.
     Keeping in style portraying the lovely swan, Janet has chosen LoQ << Tiramisu >> in Frost to match, shoes by N-Core in pearl, and a very light but detailed skin by Belleza.  She has decided on Finesmith for her jewelry << Laetitia >> in silver, resembling leaves and twigs, and of course a matching tiara for the Princess.  Janet has captured the look of the beautiful, but sad swan on Swan Lake.
Swim Outfit:   
Swim wear: E.One - White Bikini
Back Piece / Skirt / Head Piece: House of Europe - Swan
Hair: LoQ - Tiramisu
Jewelry:  Finesmith- Laetitia - Silver
Shoes: N-Core - Xtreme Heel - Pearl
Skin: Belleza -Erika - Fair
Shape:  Custom Model Swim Shape by Zurina 


Janet will be skating and dancing to a wonderful classic, Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake Ballet Suite Finale. She choose the skating talent because she was so successful with it at a styling event, and was thrilled at what could be done, skating in Second Life.  Skating and dancing are combined in real life, so she decided to marriage skating with ballet and have Odette on the pond where she is held captive, dancing to the wonderful music.  The set is from pictures from second life, you can see that it is near sunset, and the last rays of the day are streaming through the dark forest.  The moon is just starting to rise, and Odette (Janet), is starting to return to her human form as she does nightly if on the pond near Rothbart's castle.  Odette is waiting for Rothbart to come down from his castle and to again ask her to marry him, and again she will refuse him.
The talented Bomboloni Freschi, owner and designer of [: B!ASTA :] has made a detailed SL copy of the ballet costume worn in the popular moive "Black Swan", what an amazing work of art this is, and so lovely to wear.   Words can not describe the beauty of this ballet costume, with a low Vee bust, strapless top with intricate details on the bust and front.  Lovely feathers fan out from the top of the cups, adding a beautiful touch.  The tutu in tulle and satin, a top layer with gold trim, a lovely middle layer, and a bottom layer of exquisite feathers. She has styled this with white tights and wings from << Flightless Wings >> costume by Rotten DeFiance to complete the swan look.
      A marvelous updo << White Swan >> by Vanity in Essence complements the costume with feathers the match the lovely ballet costume.  A tiara in diamonds and diamonds in the bun of the hair adds a lovely touch to this beautifully made hair piece.  Skates in white by Zedra Benoir are wonderful sculpted with a so much detail, perfect for her talent. As in the first scene she has chosen simple white flowers << Hermosa Espina Shena >> by Finesmith.  A performer must use minimal jewelry so that her hands do not get caught, so in keeping, small earrings was all that she has for her jewelry.
Talent Outfit:
Ballet costume: [: B!ASTA :] - White Swan
Back Piece: R o T t E n D e F i A n C E.- Flightless Wings
Hair: Vanity - White Swan - Essence
Jewelry:  Finesmith- Hermosa Espina Shena - White
Shoes: Zedra Benoir - Women's Sculpted Skate - White
Skin: Belleza - Erika - Pale
Shape:  Custom Model Shape by Zurina 
3rd Category : CREATIVE OUTFIT:  " Theme" Formal Gown about Princess.
   In our finale scene, Prince Derek has saved Odette from the evil sorcerer, Rothbart, she is fully restored to her human form, and has regained her skin color.  Derek has ask for her hand in marriage and told her it is because of love, not just for her beauty.  Odette is getting ready for her wedding, and had a beautiful gown made from white feathers by her seamstress, Nicky Ree, who called this lovely creation << Swan Lake Dream Gown >>.  This wedding gown will remind her of the beauty of the lovely swan on the pond that once had been her, and how her husband to be, had risk his life for the love of her.
        Nicky Ree has designed a totally amazing gown perfect for a Swan Princess, precious and elegant, all in white she will be the most incredible princess of this world, and with the wedding, a Queen!!  I am amazed and overwhelmed by the artistic flair of this work of art, a breathtaking design. The bodice is a deep vee to the waist with an intricate design edging the open front, and is matched by the vee back with the same beautiful edging.  The sleeves are puffy designed with white feathers along the arm to the wrist, a several long feathers hanging from the upper sleeves, all flowing as you walk and pose.  The gown is form fitting from the bust to the waist, and then flairs to a gorgeous skirt with several layers of beautiful white feathers, and swirl and float as you walk or dance.
      A wonderful updo << Reija >> by Reija in gold complements the elegant style of the gown and the formal look of this exotic creation, and was the color of Odette's hair.  Shoes in white called << Classic pumps >> by Blaze in white matches this beautiful gown.  One could not ask for more lovely jewelry to complete this stunning ensemble, than << Natasja >> by Alienbear Design, a beautiful platinum necklace and matching earrings, with several richly detailed diamonds.  The design is flowers and twigs, following the nature pattern that was in the other two scenes, and of course a tiara for the lovely Princess, which matches her earrings, and necklace.
Creative Outfit:
Swan Lake Gown: Nicky Ree - Swan Lake Dream Gown
Hair: Reija - Reija - Gold
Jewelry:  Alienbear Design- Natasja - Platinum  and Diamonds
Shoes: Blaze - Classic pumps - White
Skin: Belleza - Erika - SunKiss
Shape:  Custom Model Shape by Zurina 

CWS Calendar Pageant 2-05-2012

1st Runner Up Janet Brink

1st Category


The lingerie she has chosen for this pageant was to be sexy, but tasteful, and this is a wonderful example how lovely and sexy lingerie can be. There is so much detail to this lovely outfit she is wear, a low cut black bra, with lovely lace trim, that fastens in the front with a very cute string bow, this is such a nice touch. Next we have a waist clinch with the same lovely lace trim that ties in the front and again finishes with an identical bow.

The panties are lace, very low cut, leaving very little to your imagination, black gloves with lace trim and silk stockings with the same lace at the thigh, completes this lovely ensemble. She feels so sexy in this beautiful lingerie called << LULU >> by Angel Dessous....she just loves the designer's name, it reminds her of Victoria Secret and the angel models

Team Leader: Janet Brink (center)
1.Victoria Allegiere (right)
2.Adrianna Applewhyte (left)
2nd Category
GROUP TALENT "Chinese New Year"
     They call themselves The JVC Dance Group.  They'll be doing a fabulous fan dance.  Watch closely as their fans of fortune hypnotize and entrance you.  Their sensuous bodies will move with beauty and grace as they execute the exotic romance of the Asian culture.
They have picked a lovely sheath mini dress by LBD called << Red & Gold Asian >>, with magnificent  patterns of gold flowers and gold stems against a beautiful shade of red.   The dress has a high collar with a large key hole opening which gives a glimpse seductive cleavage.
This authentic Asian themed dress has a large opening in the back, and high slits on the sides. 
      Golden earrings encrusted with diamonds and rubies from Chop Zuey -  Rosebud adorn their ears while sexy red pumps by HOC Industries - Noir Stilettos help to complete this ensemble. This unique bow styled hair is topped by a crown of glory in a stunning hairdo by Tukinowaguma Yoshika - Ebony with intricate gold and red gemstones with multiple thin, tiny bars of gold and pearls hanging on either side of their faces following them as their bodies sway the movement of the dance.    
3rd Category

Creative outfit  Formal Gown for January in Winter
      She fell in love went she first saw the picture from Gizza, and knew it was a must have gown. She also knew this was the perfect gown for the pageant, the stunning gown reminds her of the lovely snowy days in January in her area of USA, the swirling cape is the colors of her country, it is a totally amazing gown.
       Precious and elegant, the gown is white with many layers of satin and tulle, strapless, with lovely flowers all around the waist, and four large flowers on the front skirt...all in white with detailed shading.  The cape is held on at the shoulders held again with the intricate flowers, one white cape and one red white and blue, both almost transparent ever swirling together in a wonderful dance.  The head piece is a large matching flower with a petite stalk to fit into you hairdo.  She feels like the most incredible princess of this world, and amazed and overwhelmed by the artistic flair of this work of art, a breathtaking design. Giz Seon calls this << L'amour Pur >> which means Pure Love....the name says it all.

Creative Outfit:
Gown: Gizza - L'amour Pur - complete with flower headpiece
Hair: Vanity - Chiffon - Noir
Jewelry: Finesmith - Giz
Shoes: Blaze  - Classic pumps white silver